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The Riverview Fire Protection District was founded by 12 volunteers in March 1930 by the Reverend Joseph Westhus, Pastor of St. Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church.  On February 6, 1931, the department was incorporated into the Riverview Gardens Volunteer Fire Department.  On June 10, 1944, the department incorporated into the Riverview Fire Protection District.

In 2014, the Riverview Fire Protection District merged with the Jennings Fire Department.  The men and woman of Jennings Fire Protection District joined Riverview Fire Protection District in September of 2014.  The Jennings Fire Department house on West Florissant became known as House 3.

With the addition of Jennings Fire Department, Riverview FIre Protection District now covers an area of 13 square miles and provides service for Bellefontaine Neighbors, Flordell Hills, Glasgow Village, Village of Riverview, Jennings, and a portion of Moline Acres.  At the present time, the district employs 30 firefighters and has three fully manned engine houses.

All of our firefighters have Missouri Firefighter I & II Certifications and are trained to the First Responder Level for all medical emergency calls.  In addition, we have several who have obtained EMT licenses, and some who are licensed Paramedics.  We respond with Christian Ambulance on all life threatening calls within our district.  Examples of life threatening calls would be, but not limited to: Heart Attack, Difficulty Breathing, Unresponsive Person, Stroke, etc.

To receive information about the smoke detector program, or if you need asssistance with installing your own smoke detectors and/or batteries for the dector, please call the office during business hours for information.

Riverview Fire Protection District Board of Directors' meetings are held at the administrative office (9933 Diamond Drive) on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise posted.  The public is welcome to attend.

Please feel free to visit the fire stations and meet the firefighters that serve and protect your community!

Yours in "Fire Safety",
Chief Keith Goldstein

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House 1
9933 Diamond Drive
St. Louis, MO 63137
f. 314.867.9965
House 2
9207 Bellefontaine Road
Bellefontaine, MO 63137
f. 314.395.0744
House 3
7215 West Florissant
Jennings, MO 63136
f. 314.899.0536