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In an emergency...Every Second Counts!

What is Prop A?

For more information on this Proposition, please visit our Residents page, or click here !

Proud Participants in Project Safe Place
Project Safe Place is a national crisis prevention program for children and teens, provided in eastern Missouri by Youth in Need.  If a young person needs help for any reason, he or she can go to any business displaying the yellow and black Safe Place sign (as shown here).  This includes all QuikTrips, YMCA's, and most fire departments.
All sites are trained to call the Youth In Need 24-hour helpline. A Safe Place case worker is immediately sent to pick up the child or teen, assess the situation, and provide assistance.  Project Safe Place is a great way for children and teens in our area to get immediate help when necessary, and an opportunity for them to take the intiative when a situation has become dangerous. 

ISO Public Protection Classification 3 - effective December 1, 2017

In 2014, Riverview Fire Protection District had an ISO rating of Class 4.  Jennings Fire Department was a Class 5. Insurance Service Office (ISO) re-evaluates every five to ten years to determine if the ratings have gone up, or down.  The last time Riverview Fire Protection District (prior to the merge with Jennings Fire Department) was rated was in 2004.  In order to improve our ISO classification (improvement is denoted by a lower number), there are many criteria that need to be met, some of which include: number of personnel on the fireground, district training, mutual aid training, water supply in the district, etc.

It is with great pleasure that we can announce to our District that we have met the criteria to lower our classification since Chief Keith Goldstein has joined our team in 2016. Chief Goldstein worked with ISO in the Riverview Fire Protection District for the the first time since the merge with Jennings Fire Department.  As a result, all areas that Riverview Fire Protection District provides service for now have a Public Protection Classification of 3.  

What does the ISO Classification mean to our residents and commerical business owners:  
ISO has lowered our rating and this can potentially be reflected by lowering your insurance costs.  Contact your insurance providers as soon as possible.

How can a RFPD resident/commerical business get information about lowering their insurance costs: Call your insurance provider and notify them of the lower classification effective 12/1/17.  The fire district will not be able to contact every insurance carrier.  Unfortunately, this is the responsiblity of the individuals owning or renting within our district. CALL YOUR INSURANCE PROVIDERS TODAY!

Out of 1,667 Fire Districts/Departments rated by ISO in the State of Missouri, we are within the top 124 with our new classifcation of 3!
 Proudly serving the citizens of Bellefontaine Neighbors, Flordell Hills, Glasgow Village, Jennings, Moline Acres, and Village of Riverview.

Our Mission Statement

We stand ready to immediately respond and assist, to ensure a safe community for our citizens and visitors.  One mission is fulfiled through education, fire prevention, fire suppression, EMS, rescue, and hazard mitigation.  We will maintain a modern fire district and a balanced budget.  A strong commitment to education and action allows us to contribute to the safety of the public and the stability of our district.

Board of Directors Meetings

Meetings are held at 9933 Diamond Drive on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday of every month at 4:00pm, unless otherwise posted. 

Riverview Firefighters team up with others to help build a new playset at Danforth Elementary!
The EXTREMELY high temperatures did NOT stop production! 
Great job to all who helped!!!


House 1
9933 Diamond Drive
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9207 Bellefontaine Road
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7215 West Florissant
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